• Finding partners:

The Chamber will provide assistance in establishing contacts with potential business partners and support Bulgarian companies for expanding into the Kosovo market. Dedicated teams will work to identify specialists in various fields.


• Contacts with institutions and organisations:

The Chamber will help companies to establish and maintain contacts with relevant institutions and organisations both in Kosovo and Bulgaria.


• Administrative services:

The Chamber provides advice and assistance in resolving administrative and regulatory issues related to starting and conducting business in the two countries.


• Market information and company research:

The Chamber will provide up-to-date market information, competitive research and business development opportunities.


• Legal and financial advice:

Companies will have access to legal and financial advice provided by experienced professionals.


• Visits to trade fairs, exhibitions, companies:

The Chamber organises delegations and visits to business events and enterprises in order to support the establishment and expansion of companies’ businesses.


• Other services:

The Chamber will also provide other services related to business support and cultural and educational initiatives between the two countries.

For more information and inquiries, please,
contact us:

Kosovo-Bulgaria Chamber of Commerce

Address. Sofia, 111 Georgi S. Rakovski Street
Tel.: (+359 2) 9814190

For media contact:

Ivanina Dimitrova, +359889869909

The Kosovo-Bulgaria Chamber of Commerce
is ready to support the development of business and cooperation between Kosovo and Bulgaria
and to become a reliable partner for companies and institutions in both countries.

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